Getting Started with Spaces by PureWeb

Collaboration has never been easier.

Get Started with Spaces

The Basics

  1. Space URL: Every Space name is unique and part of the URL ( you send to participants to invite them to your collaboration.
  2. Spaces menu bar: Explanation of the menu options in order:
    • Participants: Show/hide a list of participants that are currently in your Space. A microphone icon in front of the name indicates:
      • Grey: Microphone is disabled
      • Black: Grey: Microphone is enabled
      • Grey: Participant is speaking
    • Chat: Show/hide the chat window and send messages to everyone in the Space. The chat menu icon will flash red when a new message is waiting for you.
    • Lock: Secure your Spaces session with a password. Participants wanting to join will have to enter the password before they are able to enter. The Spaces password will remain (indicated by the red lock) until you press the lock again to remove the password protection.
    • Microphone: Enable your microphone to talk to other participants in your Space.
    • Webcam: Enable your webcam video for others to see.
    • Application share: Using the latest Google Chrome (version 72 or higher) will let you share your screen, application window or browser tab. Please see the supported platforms chart to find out what is supported in which browser. Any participant of the Space is able to use the application share and each person can share one or more applications into the session.
    • Add content: Reserved for custom desktop or cloud streamed integrations.
  3. Layout: Switch between Picture in Picture and Grid layout. Please refer to the Switch layouts section to learn more about the two options.
  4. Display name: Each participant will see this dialog whenever joining a Space to confirm their display name. After your first visit, the last used display name will be remembered.
  5. Page footer: The footer displays information like your email account address (when you are signed in) and links to sign in or out, depending on your current status.

Supported platforms

The list below assumes the latest version of the mentioned browser.

  Audio Video Desktop share Application share Tab share Lock Space
Google Chrome yes yes yes yes yes yes
Firefox yes yes yes no no yes
Safari yes yes no no no yes
Microsoft Internt Explorer 11 yes* yes* yes* no no no
Microsoft Edge yes yes no no no yes
Safari on iOS yes yes no no no no
Google Chrome on Android yes yes no no no yes

* ... through a plugin installation

Register your Space

Navigate to and sign up with your:

  • Name: Used in the list of participants. You will be able to change or update your name every time you are joining your Space.
  • Company email: Your company email address will also be your user name to sign in.
  • Password: A password of six characters or more to protect your account. You can always reset your password if you problems signing in.
  • Space name: Every Space name is unique and part of the URL ( you send to participants to invite them to your collaboration.
Spaces Account Registration

Reset your password

Navigate to and enter your company email.

Spaces will email you a password reset link. Click on the link and simply set a new password.

Make sure to check your spam folder if you have not received your password reset email within seconds of requesting it.

Invite collaborators

Invite collaborators by including your Space URL ( in an email or meeting invitation to your collaborators.

Spaces Invite
Spaces Invite

Collaborators simply navigate to the provided link to join you. Click on the participants icon (1st icon on the left) to see who is there. Click here to learn how to lock your Space. The lock will require participants to enter a passcode before they are able to join your Space.

See who is in your Space

Click on the participants icon in the menu bar to expose the list of participants currently in the Space. The microphone icons in front of the name indicate each participant's state:

  • Grey: Microphone is turned off
  • Black: Microphone is turned on
  • Green: Participant is speaking
Participant list

Secure your Space

You have the option to password protect your Space if you need to remove a collaborator who remained from a previous session or simply want to make sure no unwanted participants join a confidential meeting. Click the lock icon in the menu bar and enter a password of 6 characters or longer. Once your Space is locked, the lock icon will turn red.

Locked Space

Share the password with your participants to start your meeting. The password will remain set for your Space until you remove it. To remove the password simply click the lock icon in the menu bar again.

Use audio & video

Every Spaces user can communicate through built-in audio & video. It is recommended to use a USB or Bluetooth conferencing speakerphone or headset for best audio results. Simply click the audio and video icons in the menu bar to enable or disable them.

See the participants section to learn about audio indicators in the participants list. Spaces also provides two different layout settings that will help you arrange application shares and video streams within your Space.

Share the password with your participants to start your meeting. The password will remain set for your Space until you remove it. To remove the password simply click the lock icon in the menu bar again.

Use application share

Firefox and Chrome browsers both allow you to use screen share, while Chrome lets choose in a more granular way by providing you to pick a specific application or browser tab. Please refer to the Supported platforms section to learn which features are will work in which browser.

Application share in Spaces works multi-directional. This means, any participant of an active session can share multiple applications, screens or tabs into the Space. Participants can terminate their own shares by clicking on the x in the top right of the application share view in the Space. See the Switching layouts section to learn more about how to arrange views in your Space.

You can terminate all of your application shares, as well as audio & video streams by clicking the Stop sharing button in the menu bar.

Switching layouts

Spaces users can choose between two distinct layout options:

  • Grid
  • Picture in Picture

The Grid Layout

Locked Space

The Grid layout is selected when the layout icon in the menu bar is highlighted blue and it allows you to select the number of streams you would like to arrange in your browser.

The drop down menu to the right of the layout icon lets you select the number of prominent streams to display in your Space. By default, this is set to 2x2. Other options you can select from the drop down menu are:

1x1 1x2 2x1 2x2
Grid Layout Grid Layout Grid Layout Grid Layout

Additional views are shown on the shelf to the right of the drop down menu if your Space counts more contributions than selected to be displayed in the grid (as shown in the picture below). You can move items from the shelf down into your grid by click-dragging an item of your choice into a quadrant to swap it with the view that is currently there.

Spaces layout - the shelf

The Picture in Picture Layout

This option shows one of the contributions full screen in the browser, while others are floating windows on top of it.

Floating views can be moved and resized (click-drag the bottom right corner) on top of the full screen contribution and you can always swap a the content of a floating window with the full screen by double-clicking into the floating view.